Lesley Teare Needlework design

LJT Blackwork anemone part 8

20th Mar 2019

The blackwork part on the anemone petals is complete so over the next five weeks we will be adding the cross stitch leaves, flowers and butterfly to complete the cross stitch areas before finally adding the all important two strands of back stitch to the main flower. 

In the May edition on CrossStitch Crazy you can find my pretty Easter cards and gift tags to stitch.

I need some help please with names of popular North American birds as I am hoping...

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LJT Floral cushion SAL

15th Mar 2019

The third part of the Floral cushion is ready to go! The next one will be posted on Friday 12th April. Happy stitching, Lesley

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Blackwork anemone part 7

13th Mar 2019

One more blackwork design to try on our last petal of the anemone flower. Next week we will be starting to add the leaves that surround the flower as the backstitches on the anemone which will be in two strands, will be the last part to work on.

This week I added my latest blackwork design with colour to my website Shop. This time, the bird is a Goldfinch, that nestles amongst Blackwork flowers, some based on sunflowers. 

Have a good week...

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Blackwork anemone part 6

6th Mar 2019

Our blackwork anemone is begining to take shape, and thank you to everyone who has shown pictures of their stitched pieces. Part 6 today, so one more petal with a different blackwork technique to try.

Happy stitching, Lesley x

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LJT Owl SAL March 2019

28th Feb 2019

Our third Owl and I am so pleased to see how many new stitchers have joined us and are enjoying this new series with me.

Do keep the pictures coming in.

I have added Christina's owl that she has stitched for me so that you can see how this one looks with a different coloured border. 

Happy stitching. xx

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Blackwork anemone part 5

27th Feb 2019

Another week and glorious weather. Lovely to hear that so many of you are enjoying the stitching on this anemone flower. Now for Part 5 so we are now on to the fourth petal and another blackwork design.

The picture of a young girl with her cat, walking through a garden full of foxgloves, is my latest design to appear in issue 154 of Cross Stitch GOLD which is out now.

Have a lovely week whatever you are up to,

Lesley x


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LJT Blackwork anemone part 4

20th Feb 2019

Our fourth part with another petal to work a different blackwork pattern. Lovely to see how many of you are getting on with this design and enjoying the stitching.

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LJT Floral cushion February

15th Feb 2019

Here is the second part of the first flower which will complete the narcissus. Lovely to see your pictures of the start of my new floral SAL, and it will be lovely to see a completed flower.

The chart for the next section will be posted on Friday 15th March.

Happy stitching, Lesley

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Anemone blackwork series, part 3

12th Feb 2019

It has been so exciting to see how many of you are getting on with my new series for a blackwork anemone. If you wish to show pictures of how you are getting along or make any comments, then please join me and this lovely stitching group.


My two other groups are solely for my SALs that I have designed for this year; the pretty floral cushion, and the lovely 12 owls that will be available throughout...

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Blackwork anemone part 2

6th Feb 2019

Lovely to see so many of you have taken on the challenge and are joining me in my introduction to blackwork with my own personal touch of some colourful cross stitches. We start this week with our first blackwork pattern on one of the petals. Nice and simple and will not take too much of your time.

I have added the fabric and palette details again for those of you who may just be joining us. Do let me know how...

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LJT Owls SAL February

1st Feb 2019

It has been great seeing so many January Owls from you so I hope you are now ready for the February one. Happy stitching, x

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Blackwork anemone

30th Jan 2019

Cold start to the day, although not too much snow, as yet.

Thank you to all you lovely stitchers that replied to my last week's blog, saying that you were keen to work on this new project. So here we go with the start of my blackwork anemone design that will 'run' over about 12 weeks as a part series. 

 We start with the centre of the anemone with cross stitches and French knots, or you can change these to petite black...

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