Lesley Teare Needlework design

LJT Sunbonnet Sue SAL

1st Jan 2018

Here we go in 2018!

A very happy New Year to you all. I hope you will enjoy stitching along  each month with me on our Sunbonnet Sues - male and female! Although the motifs are small please be aware that there are French knots and fractional stitchers added in order to get the detail. 

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Here we go!

19th Dec 2017

In just under two week's time we will start our new SAL. This time it is based on the Sunbonnet Sue theme. Lots of you gave favourable replies to my earlier pictures of the ideas for this so here we go with the list of threads for Sunbonnet Sue that you will need - many of which were in the 2017 ted one - and in addition, I am posting the chart for the border - the boring bit! ....so...

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Christmas present!!

12th Dec 2017

Well I do hope you will all enjoy this design. Some of you will have taken part in the 2016 SAL when this was first published on my Blog. However, there are many more of you following my site.....WELCOME......and as I read a note from a distressed stitcher who had lost the charts, I thought it might be nice to add this design again as a small gift from me.

If you decide to stitch it as a sampler, then the...

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New website features

6th Dec 2017

After a few teething problems I hope you, and me, are getting used to a slightly different format. The new system allows your messages to come directly to me so I can keep up to date. I'm still finding my way round it so bear with me if there are a few mistakes! I am really busy with a large commission at present but will add a few new designs to my SHOP site early next week. Hope your stitching is...

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Cute teddy chart to download

27th Nov 2017

This little ted was available a couple of year's ago on my BLOG but here she is again especially for Lindsey Groom, but, I hope you will all enjoy this cutie for a quick weekend stitch.

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Cute Ted

Idea !

23rd Nov 2017

Looking towards 2018......and SAL thoughts. I like this idea of Sunbonnet "Sue's and he's!" Any thoughts please. There will probably be a 'grown - up one as well, based on flowers and butterflies. Depends how well I can get on with them all. 

Look forward to hearing from you all. x 

Just an update from this earlier text. Thank you so much to everyone that has replied, and I think I may have deleted one message by mistake! if so please send...

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Sunbonnet Sue sampler

Final Motif !

23rd Nov 2017

The last motif is the sleigh for my Christmas SAL. I do hope those of you taking part have enjoyed the stitching. It's been lovely seeing your progress along the weeks and really nice for me as well.


Comment from DJ

I've collected them all. Thank you so much!

You are very welcome DJ


Comment from Pamela D Redfern

Thanks for this! They are so lovely! hugs, queeny

I have been very pleased to see how the samplers have been growing...

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Christmas sampler

Tilly into trouble!

23rd Nov 2017

Hope your week is going well. I am at present on a very large commission so no time to catch up with other things, so I thought you might like to catch up with our Tilly. As you can see at 13 + weeks getting into trouble. We have had to remove all of the garden lights, but she still managed to find one more! 

Remember this Friday is our last motif to stitch for my weekly Christmas SAL sampler. Catch...

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Tilly 13 weeks

Christmas Sampler Tree

14th Nov 2017

A simple, decorative Christmas tree for our 11th motif. If stitching on white fabric you  can possibly leave the blanc thread out, but it is necesary on a darker linen style material. Nearly there with just one more to go!


Comment from Lorrie Murphy

Thank you. Get this one done and its almost complete

Nearly there!


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Christmas Tree cross stitch

Nativity themed alphabet

14th Nov 2017

Celebrate the true meaning of Christmas in cross stitch with simple nativity motifs that will be perfect for personalising your Christmassy makes and gifts.

Find this alphabet in the latest edition of World of Cross Stitching, issue 262

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Nativity alphabet
Christmas sampler SAL

Christmas Stocking

14th Nov 2017

Here is the 9th motif - a Christmas stocking. Your stitched piece should be looking much more like a Christmas sampler....... so we are nearly ready for December.

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Christmas sampler