Lesley Teare Needlework design

Friday Angel

14th Nov 2017

Here we are again! The weeks do go by fast, but here is my Friday freebie of a folk art style angel. I think by now we are begining to really see how my Christmas sampler will look. Thanks again for all of your lovely pictures of how you are getting along.

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Christmas sampler

Another Tilly week

18th Oct 2017

I can't say that I have been very hard at work this past week.......some how, a little bundle of fur has taken up quite a bit of our time. Tilly is now 9 weeks old and a bundle of energy; not phased by anything it seems. The vet said it's because she has been bred from good 'working stock' ......perhaps he is right. The problem will be whether I have the skills to train her..... time will tell.

I have added...

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Festive house for Christmas SAL

13th Oct 2017

The 7th week and time to stitch the festive house. It's lovely to look at all of your stitched pieces and to see how well they are all coming along.....


Comment from Cathy

Thanks Lesley for sharing this lovely Christmas sampler ;-) Have a nive Sunday!


Glad to hear you are enjoying the  Christmas sampler....have a good week.


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Welcome to Tilly

11th Oct 2017

Finally, at 8 weeks, Tilly has joined us at home. Sandie, our 13 year old Cairn, seems quite happy, and for two nights now, both have slept together in Sandie's bed. Our next purchase....a larger bed!! ......must get a picture, this morning's attempt was blurred....too dark to really judge what I was doing.

Are you all ready for the Christmas house motif for our SAL? Remember it will be out for you to download this Friday 15th October.......it should be a...

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Christmas sampler Bell

7th Oct 2017

The pretty festive bell is our sixth motif for our Christmas SAL sampler. Hope you are all enjoying the design.

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Alternative October teddy!

7th Oct 2017

Hope you like the alternative teddy design, it is especially for those of you who are not into Halloween! This little chappie is already for the Autumn gales and keeping the garden tidy.


Comment from Deb

Thank you for all your teddies. They are adorable!


They have been great fun to do Deb, and lovely to hear you are enjoying them.....


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Teddy SAL for October.

29th Sep 2017

Halloween, what else for October! With the black cat, spiders and bats, this cute ted is bound to cast some spells. 

Well, only two more to go......quite sad really, but I think we have all enjoyed the stitching so far. If you haven't already, then why not join us for our SAL as there is still time to catch up. The charts will remain available until the begining of March2018 both on my Blog and the SAL site run by Katherine...

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The rocking horse for our Chistmas SAL

29th Sep 2017

We are already up to our fifth Christmas motif - the rocking horse. A lovely motif to stitch for a card throughout the year if you omit the Christmas comment. 

It's been so lovely seeing how many of you are getting on and enjoying the stitching.

Just another note to say that next week, the sixth motif of the Christmas bell, will be posted on Saturday, the 7th October.

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This friday

26th Sep 2017

 The latest SAL teddy for October will be added on Friday - just in time for Halloween. I have been SO pleased to see all the updates and reading all of your comments. Here is a glimpse of the October Ted......hope you like him. Catch up on Friday!


Comment from Amy

I know I will be stitching this lovely bear twice!! Once with this design and another without the spiders and with a white cat instead for a friend who has a...

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Christmas Rose

22nd Sep 2017

Here is your fourth motif, a delightful Christmas rose to stitch as part of our Christmas sampler or for cards / ornaments for the festive season. I hope you will enjoy stitching this attractive flower and thanks for all of the lovely comments and pictures that I have received.......keep them coming.

Stitch the design on 14 count Aida or 28 count evenweave.

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Glorious seahorse

19th Sep 2017

Just in case you don't follow my Face Book page, I am showing this stitched design of my seahorse by Brenda Allan here this week. This chart can be found in World of Cross stitching 259 or it will become available, if you can't get hold of a copy, from my Shop page around February 2018.

 What I like is that Brenda has 'done her own thing!' without compromising my design.

She stitched it on 14 count white Aida and to keep...

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Alphabet for the Christmas sampler

15th Sep 2017

A stitcher asked if I could provide an alphabet chart so that she could personalise her cards that she will be making. I thought this was a lovely idea so here is a simple chart for you to use.

As an example I have added titles of the motifs to our sampler design, with a slight exception at the bottom because of spacing; but it will give you, hopefully, some ideas.

Please find the chart for the latest motif - the poinsettia...

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