Lesley Teare Needlework design

LJT Blackwork flower part 6

19th Jun 2019

Part 6 of my blackwork flower and this now completes all the blackwork sections on the petals. Next week we start to add the colourful cross stitches surrounding the flower - remember the outline on this will be added last. 

Hope you have a good week and happy stitching,


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LJT June floral section

14th Jun 2019

It has been great to see so many of your stitched pieces and I am really pleased with how this project is going and especially as it is looking so pretty now. The June section has a pansy and butterfly to complete, plus the start of what will be  - a peony.

Keep the pictures coming in.


Happy stitching Lesley

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LJT Blackwork flower part 5

12th Jun 2019

The patterns are certainly looking good now and here is part 5 to start another one.

 Remember it's this friday, 14th, that the June section will be available to download for my Floral cushion SAL. Hope you are ready!

Have a good week and happy stitching, Lesley

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LJT Blackwork flower part 4

4th Jun 2019

High, just a big thank you to Rachel Watson, my website designer, who put last week's charts on to my Blog whilst I was away. Another week and we are now on to the next blackwork design on the third petal. It has been lovely to see how many of you are getting on with this and enjoying a new technique. All the details for fabric size and threads can be found on my Wednesday Blog, 15th May.

Just added to...

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1st Jun 2019

Half way through the year! and time for my June owl. I have been delighted to see all of your lovely pictures of your progress and I hope you will enjoy this one. She is carrying a basket of strawberries.....just in case you are wondering what they are supposed to be!......

Happy stitching. Lesley

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LJT Blackwork flower

29th May 2019

Our third week for my part series of this blackwork flower design. This time another petal and another blackwork pattern to try. If you still need the full details for this project then please look at my Wednesday Blog on the 15th May or please join us in the SAL at this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/322109094855799/


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LJT Blackwork flower

21st May 2019

This is our second part of my blackwork flower design. It has been lovely to see your start on this project, but now we begin working on the actual blackwork patterns. As I have split each petal shape as a separate design then I hope you will find it easy to follow. If you are just joining us then please go back to the 15th May to find all of the details for this exciting project.

I will look forward to...

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LJT Floral Cushion SAL

17th May 2019

The May flowers are now ready for downloading; this time it is a Fuchsia and a cyclamen. I have decided to show all of the cyclamen flower at the bottom and the leaves above  - even though a section of them comes into next month's chart - as I thought this would make a lovely design on its own for a card.

Although all of the charts are ready to download from my Blog, you may, if you haven't done so...

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Blackwork flower part series

15th May 2019

I am starting another part series today which will run for 12 weeks. My last one was such a success as I know how many of you really liked it, not only perhaps learning a new technique but being able to work on small sections at a time. Just one comment from me is I hope that there won't be any mistakes, but in order to provide charts like this for you to stitch they have to be simulated ones...

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Wednesday blog

8th May 2019

This past week has gone by quickly - not sure if our Bank holiday in the UK was the reason - or more to point the fact that David and I had the three granchildren for the weekend plus a large flat - coated retreiver to keep Tilly worn out! The stay included a 'sleep over.' We knew the two girls would be Ok but the 30 month old grandson was a worry. No problems, they were all brilliant -...

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May Owl

1st May 2019

All of the owls are looking lovely and here is the fifth one for May which I hope you will enjoy as well - and the stitched one is from my friend, Christina.

Have a lovely week, Lesley x

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New week

23rd Apr 2019

Well, sad that we came to the end of the Blackwork anemone, but it has been delightful for me to see how many of you joined in with me on that project and loved working on it. There will be another one coming up shortly, so as they say, 'watch this space!'

This week Cross stitch Crazy, in issue 255, printed my image of the iconic landmark of Stonehenge. Great fun to work on and hopefully I put a 'Lesley' mark...

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