Lesley Teare Needlework design

Wednesday update

4th Apr 2018

Thanks to Anna Anderson this week for getting in touch about my Floral sampler SAL. Although she loves the design, she plans her stitching around working on a grid system in company, as I found out, with many more of you. Normally there wouldn't be a problem, but this design consists of 12 varying size motifs and when I produced the charts I thought that my blue guide lines were sufficient. Hopefully I have amended both of the February and March charts so that they will now work with the grid system and cause no more heartache!

One note, I haven't added any centre markings on these as we are including the area outside the blue lines as well. Let me know, though, if there are still problems.

The Sunbonnet Sue SAL is flying along, and it is such a joy to see such delightful pictures being sent in of all of your lovely work.

I have added both pdf files for February and March here for a quick catch - up, but they are also amended on the previous Blog sections where they were first placed. 

Download a PDF of this free chart:

LJT Floral sample SAL MarchLJT Floral sampler SAL February