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Idea !

23rd Nov 2017

Looking towards 2018......and SAL thoughts. I like this idea of Sunbonnet "Sue's and he's!" Any thoughts please. There will probably be a 'grown - up one as well, based on flowers and butterflies. Depends how well I can get on with them all. 

Look forward to hearing from you all. x 

Just an update from this earlier text. Thank you so much to everyone that has replied, and I think I may have deleted one message by mistake! if so please send it again....x


Comment from Maryse Ernould

Bonjour, je serais ravie de participer à ce sal sunbonnet..... merci d'avance pour cette jolie création....amicalement Maryse

Hope you will enjoy them Maryse


Comment from Marie Neil

Thank You, Lesley. I really love your designs - and would love to see a "grown-up" SAL with flowers...

I think we might have to have two going?


Comment from LittleOldLady

My son's great grandma made him a quilt to celebrate his birth. Back In the 60's it was not possible to know the sex prior to birth so she when 50 - 50, Sunbonnet Sue, but in blue! A sampler of this type would be something I could complete and give to my granddaughter. And, make a second one for my grandson. Fortunately there is a 7 year age difference so I won't get bored! The "grownup" one is an absolute YES! I LOVE butterflies and flowers together. I might even keep this one for me!!

It definitely looks as though you might get your wish and also have one for yourself Donna.


Comment from Beaj

Love & have stitched a few of your designs... They are enjoyed on my Cross stitch board as well. Whatever you design ...we'll be happy. Thanks in advance, your generosity is appreciated..:)

You are welcome. I hope you will partake in the SALs next year Beaj


Comment from Sue

Love your idea of the "Sunbonnet Sue's and he's" because they are full of colors, feel good designs & never get tired of working on moral boosters or feel good designs. That is why I like you as a designer!

What a lovely comment Sue, thank you.


Comment from Wizzi

I love the sunbonnet sues and hes, but would prefer flowers and butterflies.

Looks as though you may get your wish as I think there will be two SALs on the go!


Comment from Michele

Love the Sunbinnet Sue idea. You are so gracious with your designs. Thank you

Hope you will enjoy stitching them Michele


Comment from Dominique FICHET

What a wonderful idea! These very soft models will be very nice to embroider. Thanks for all that work.

Comment from DJ Harstad

These are very cute. I love your designs. They are always fun, unique and lovely.

What a lovely comment DJ. Looks as though we will be doing these!


Comment from Ysa Vargas

Ohhh I would love it! Sounds great to me!!



Comment from Ysa Vargas

Ohhh I would love it! Sounds great to me!!

Comment from Pamela D Redfern

Hi Lesley! I absolutely love the idea of Sunbonnet Sues and Toms! I wasn't able to do the teddy bear SAL month to month, but I have all the patterns downloaded. I would like to do the 2018 SAL from the very beginning. Please let's do this! hugs, queeny

Jolly good, I think this might be a yes.


Comment from Louise

A lovely choice Lesley. I'm halfway through the Teddies which are going into a quilt and loving the little details in them Thank you so much.

I think these will be ideal as well for a quilt. Thanks for you r comment Louise


Comment from Elizabeth B

I agree with Pam and love the look of these too, as they are really sweet... And Thank You so much for all the patterns You give us - I really appreciate them!

Thank you Elizabeth, it is so helpful to get these comments from you all. 


Comment from Brodyzen

So pretty ! I love your designs. Sorry for my english, i write from France.

Np problem with your English, and thank you very much for replying.


Comment from Pam

Love the look of these Lesley, they're really sweet. Thanks for all the patterns you give us, they are greatly appreciated.

Sunbonnet Sue sampler