Lesley Teare Needlework design

Here we go!

19th Dec 2017

In just under two week's time we will start our new SAL. This time it is based on the Sunbonnet Sue theme. Lots of you gave favourable replies to my earlier pictures of the ideas for this so here we go with the list of threads for Sunbonnet Sue that you will need - many of which were in the 2017 ted one - and in addition, I am posting the chart for the border - the boring bit! ....so you can make a start ready for the January design. 

The designs for each month will be posted on my website, but, if you wish to really join in with the SAL then please go to the following link so that we can welcome you and look forward to seeing your progress.




Download a PDF of this free chart:

Chart Sunboonet Sue borderKEY Sunbonnet Sue