Lesley Teare Needlework design

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5th May 2013

Just an update on a design of mine that can be found in the latest GOLD magazine…………..to see another picture of mine in this issue, Oriental bird and flowers, then click on to the section on Ideas for You.

I enjoy nothing more than spending time in my garden as there is always so much to do – WELL! apart from sitting in the sun with a glass of wine, relaxing and thinking of the charts I should be designing!

If you like this style of stitching, which I tend to call; New England style, then this picture will be great for you. Here, all manner of smaller motifs make up little pictures of their own – REMEMBER you can stitch each motif as an individual design for pretty cards to give to green – fingered friends.

If preferred, then stitch my FREE chart of a heart filled with spring flowers.

Summer Sampler
Spring flower cross stitch
Spring flower chart
Spring flower chart key