Lesley Teare Needlework design

Christmas present!!

12th Dec 2017

Well I do hope you will all enjoy this design. Some of you will have taken part in the 2016 SAL when this was first published on my Blog. However, there are many more of you following my site.....WELCOME......and as I read a note from a distressed stitcher who had lost the charts, I thought it might be nice to add this design again as a small gift from me.

If you decide to stitch it as a sampler, then the border need not necessasrily be stitched with a complete fill in of the cream thread as shown, I just felt it 'set off' each individual design. Of course, each design will make a wonderful card so that you can dip into all of these and use them throughout the year for family and friends.

Don't forget the new SAL starting on the 1st January, but in the meantime this might just keep you going!


A very happy Christmas to you all. xxxx

Download a PDF of this free chart:

Christmas Present!