Floral fairytale

My bright flower fairy should have you smiling. The idea came from a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson with the line: ‘The earth laughs in flowers.’ which obviously appeals to my flowery senses.
Flower girl - Simulation I remembered the iconic drawings from the sixties fashion designer Barbara Hulanicki, whose long-legged, wide eyed figures would be the perfect model to base this fairy on.

Floral fairytale 001This latest design is to be found in Cross Stitch Collection, issue 235. The design uses vibrant greens, deep magentas and baby blues and I love the way it has been displayed on a simple, but pretty wire hanger.

If you wish to purchase a hanger like this, then take a look at Debbie Cripps website: http://www.craftdepartment.com for a really good range in several different sizes and styles.

And here are some of the lovely drawings that I found from the Barbara Hulanicki archives.biba-illustrations

She was born in Poland but raised in England, Babara Hulanicki OBE is deservedly recognised now as a British fashion icon. She was awarded an OBE for Services to Fashion in 2012 Queen’s New Year Honours. It’s worth checking her site out if you are interested in fashion and design.

Gorgeous sunflowers

The next instalment in my cushion series is this lively burst of sunflowers in Gold magazine, issue 110Sunflowers 001Like the previous two designs of hollyhocks Bright and colourful hollyhocks 001and rhododendrons -Purple rhododendron

the designs are in whole stitches so are relatively straightforward to stitch, but the larger size of the design ensures that it’ll still provide an engrossing challenge for newcomers and intermediate stitchers.
I have loved working on all of these designs so I hope you will get as much pleasure from stitching them.

Plus some smaller designs for pretty cards……three farm yard style and one scottie! although  I’m not too sure why - I think I just liked the shape of it! Farmyard fancies 001

And here is a tiny preview of what will be in next month’s issue ….and I’m quite excited about all of them.

This beautiful dragonfly on a water lily is quite one of my favourite projects – take a peek:Waterlily and dragonfly - Simulation

Plus a pretty ballerina my granddaughter will love;Pretty ballerina 001
and one final design, an oriental crane.Oriental crane 001

Cute baby Models

New cross stitch book 001

My new book is now on sale here in the UK. This is the first of four that I have designed for a Turkish company called TUVA. It has  been a joy to work with them on each project  to produce designs that I hope you will love to stitch.

This book has twenty charts and they are suitable for a new baby or young child …….or for the parents.
Hopefully, this book will provide you with a range of designs to enable you to make the perfect present, or two, for a relative or a close friend.

baby models

Here are the links:
http://edp.dmc.fr/catalogue/uk2014/#106 http://edp.dmc.fr/catalogue/uk2014/#106
There is no need to buy a catalogue as the books are available from DMC stockists throughout the country many of whom offer a mail order service at: http://www.stitcher.co.uk/view-product.asp?ssn=37620&product=cute-baby-models

RRP at £6.99

The second in the series will be published shortly….and it is a  a favourite of mine as it is  on flowers. I’ll let you know the details as soon as possible, Lx

Vintage style

If you love the thought of crochet but can’t bear to put your cross stitch needle down, then check out my latest design in Cross Stitch Crazy, issue 189 for a bright, colourful cushion, based on the vintage granny style crotchet design.Granny squares 001

This design gives you the chance to experiment with colours, so just like the crochet style, you can use up odd lengths of thread shades to create squares in a selection of colours of your choice.

Also in this edition are a group of seven small cards. These are based on the traditional English poem; ‘Monday’s Child’ and are suitable for any occasion. Here are a few for you to see (just click on the image and it will enlarge):A stitch in rhyme 001

This is quite a bumper Lesley Teare package this month in Crazy as there are two free gifts in this issue; the maypole dancers by me – and the sachet was designed by Fiona Baker who is one of the charters for Crazy
FREE chart with CRAZY 001Maypole bonus chart 001

Also included in this issue there is a lovely nautical scene with a red and white lighthouse and bobbing sailboats plus a gorgeous teddy bear alphabet suitable for young or old.

Floral heart – bluebell

BLOG  flower hearts - bluebells - SimulationThis is the third in my series of floral hearts for you to stitch. This time the simple, but pretty bluebell. It is always a pleasure to go with Webs through the local woods in April and May to see the swathes of blue stretching out amongst the trees. The dappled light that comes through the leaves  on to the sea of flowers produces many shades of blues from the palest to quite dark shades of mauves.

BLOG  flower hearts - bluebellsBLOG  flower hearts - bluebells KEY